-== Yast.com ==-

The yast.com timetracking service was closed on May 1st. 2019 after tracking millions of hours over a lifetime of more than 11 years. If you are one of the more than 100.000 people that used the service, we are very thankful for your support throughout this journey.

Yast.com is now closed, but the community behind is very much alive. Yast.com served the purpose of being the first step in what have turned out to become a whole tech community in Sogndal on the west coast of Norway. Today we are more than 30 employees in the companies Rocketfarm AS and nLink AS, that are directly decendants of the Yast.com service. We have shifted from timetracking to robotics and artificial intelligence. The decision to close yast.com helps us focus even more on this.

For previous customers looking for the terms of service, please refere to this link

If you are interested in buying the yast.com domain, please contact Rocketfarm AS